DIY Bulletin Board Borders

Are you tired of those same old boring store-bought bulletin board borders?  Time to get creative and make your own!  Break out your tissue paper, it's time to get crafty....

Items to Gather:

  • tissue paper of various colors
  • stapler


    Step 1:  Using one sheet of tissue paper, gather it up into a fan at the end. 

    Step 2:  Then drag your hand down the length of the paper until you can gather it at the opposite end.  This will form a sort of tube with two fan ends.

    Step 3:  Repeat steps 1 and 2 with all sheets of tissue paper that you plan to use.  I like to use three different colors on my borders, so I do it for three sheets.  Then gather them all together as shown in the picture.

    Step 4:  With the fan part "sticking out", staple the tissue paper to the bulletin board.  I ALWAYS start at the corner of the board and work my way around.  Staple the bottom end to the board in a fan as well.

    Step 5:  Fluff out the fan to form a sort of "flower" on the end.  This hides the staples and looks cute.

    Step 6:  Staple the next tissue bundle right next to the flower. They should be touching so that they form a big flower.  Again, this hides the staples and any gaps to create one cohesive border.

    Step 7:  Do this all the way around the board.  When you are finished, you will have a complete frame, ready to put your student work on.  

    Other Tips/Suggestions:

    I prefer to use 3 colors.  I think it stands out better and it matches my style.  However, you can also use one or two colors and get the same great effect.  There are also multiple ways to poof out the tissue.  I made mine long with "flowers" on the end.  You could also do a loch-ness monster style where it has several hoops coming out from the board.
       A braid with three colors looks great, as does a twist.  The possibilities with tissue paper are endless!  

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