DIY Bulletin Boards

Are you forbidden to put holes in the walls?  Have those ugly cinder blocks?  Need more bulletin boards?  Check out this cheap and EASY way to create your own bulletin boards.

Items to Gather:

  • sheet of styrofoam insulation such as this pack  
  • fabric in the color or pattern of your choosing
  • tape measure, scissors, Xacto knife, hot glue, 3M hooks or strips


1. Measure the space for your new bulletin board.  Remember to measure twice! :)
2. Find fabric for your new bulletin board.  Get enough fabric so that you have two extra inches on each side.
3. Buy a sheet of foam board.  These typically come in 24" x 48" sheets.  If you want your board to be smaller, you can have the nice people at the home improvement store cut it down to size for you- if you buy it from a big box retailer.  If not, you can just use an Xacto knife or the blade from a pair of scissors.
4. Lay the fabric flat with the front facing down.  Center the board on top of the fabric.  If you are going to use hooks, make sure the fabric only barely comes over the board.  This will leave you room to add the hook and still hide it behind itself.
5. Fold one side of the fabric over the board and glue the side down.  Do the same with the opposite side making sure you've pulled the fabric tight.
6. With the last two sides, you will need to fold the corners inside like you are wrapping the present.  Pull the fabric as tight as you can before you glue it down.
7. Hang the 3m strips on the wall and on your bulletin board, then hang!

Other Tips/Suggestions:

The tacks don't always feel secure in the board.  Sometimes I just try to find a new spot and it works fine.

Happy board making!

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