DIY End of Year Student Scrapbook

How about having your students put their school-year memories into a scrapbook?  Students personalize the inside with photos, drawings,writing, and autographs!

Items to Gather:

  • chipboard (2 -  8 1/2" x 11" sheets for each scrapbook)
  • scrapbook paper or heavy wrapping paper
  • solid color cardstock (for inside of front and back cover)
  • black or white cardstock for the book pages (I used 5 sheets for each book)
  • binding (you can use whatever binding machine you have access to or punch the edge and bind with ribbon)
  • photos of class activities and students if you are making it a photo album


1.  Cut chipboard to 8 1/2" x 8 1/2" (2 for each book, front and back)
2.  Cover the chipboard with colorful paper.  I used scrapbook paper from the dollar store, but heavy wrapping paper would work well too.  
3.  Cut solid color cardstock to 8" x 8" to finish off the inside of the front and back cover.
4.  Cut black or white cardstock to 8 1/2" x 8 1/2" for the inside pages.
5.  Bind the books in the method you choose.  
6.  Give to the students to personalize the inside with photos, drawings,writing, and autographs.

Other Tips/Suggestions:

Student photos are great for personalizing the cover.  I glued them to a tag shape I cut and trimmed with a ribbon.  I also put a label inside the front cover with the teacher's name and the class year.  These also make a great teacher gift, room mom gift, or a gift for a student who is moving away.

Have fun,

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