DIY Magazine Holders

This DIY magazine holder is made from an empty cereal box.  Taking what would be trash and turning it into an organizational tool, who would have known?


Items to Gather:

  • Empty cereal box (10-1/2" tall work best)
  • Cardstock paper
  • Duck tape
  • Tape or Glue
  • Marker/Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Ruler


Step 1: Measure up from the bottom of the box approximately 4", place a mark and then draw a diagonal line to the top of the box on the opposite side.

Step 2: Follow step 1 for the opposite side.

Step 3: Cut the top portion of the box off.

Step 4: Using the box as a template, trace the edges.  

Step 5: Cut out the pieces you traced and tape or glue them onto the box.  Since you will be adhering 2" Duck tape, it is not necessary to have the edges of the paper and the box looking perfect. 

Step 6: With a pencil, create a 1" border around all the edges that will be covered with Duck tape.  This will allow you to keep the tape straight and create an even border. 

Step 7: Last, but not least, place items of your choice into the box and enjoy your handy work!

Other Tips/Suggestions:

At the beginning of the school year, have students bring in their own cereal box to transform into an organizational tool they can use in the classroom.  Allow them to personalize their holder with stickers, drawings or photos.

Have fun expressing your creativity!

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