DIY Number Dice

Super-fun, WAY-CHEAPER Number Dice

Items to Gather:

  • large sponge (I found mine at my local grocery store for $1.09)
  • long knife
  • Optional:  hot glue gun and dot stickers OR sharpie


    1. Cut sponge into cubes.  I just eyeball it (I'm all about simple). Depending on the size of the sponge, depends on the number of cubes you will have.  I made 4 very square cubes.  I did have some excess that I just threw away.
    2.  Either place dots on cubes and secure them with a hot glue gun or color dots directly on sponge with a sharpie.  That's it!

    Other Tips/Suggestions:

    I bring these out for special occassions.  Makes it different and extra-fun for the kids! (And this is the much cheaper way to go.  I saw some like these but just a little bigger at the teacher store --2 for $8.50!)

    Happy Creating!


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