DIY Number Line

Looking for a way to make number lines a hands-on learning experience in your classroom? These clothes pin number lines are easy to make, easy to differentiate, and can be used for all levels!

Items to Gather:

  • permanent marker
  • two hooks 
  • clothes pins (about ten)
  • string



1.  Fasten two hooks to the wall. As an alternative, you may choose to use tacks on a bulletin board.

2.  Tie each end of the string to a hook (as shown).

3.  Prepare clothespins by writing numbers on them with a permanent marker. Use numbers that are appropriate for your students' ability levels.

4.  Store clothes pins in a baggie or basket. When students are ready to complete the number line, they will clip the clothes pins to the string in the correct order.

Other Tips/Suggestions:

This activity can be used for any grade level, simply by making the numbers more difficult. Additionally, you can differentiate to various abilities within your classroom by providing different numbers to different students. For example, one student might be working with single-digit numbers, while another works with double-digit, and yet another works with fractions! The possibilities are endless!

Hope you enjoy!

Teaching in the Early Years
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