DIY Privacy Offices

Here's a quick and simple summer project to have ready for next school year.  Make your own privacy offices for students to use during tests or when a student just needs to be a little isolated from classmates.

Items to Gather:

  • File folders with the same tab cut
  • clear packing tape (or patterned for a upscale twist)


1.  Open the folders and lay them side by side so the tab on one folder lines up with the cut out on the other folder.
2. Push the folders together so they are lined up and flush.  Then I put a smaller piece of tape across them to hold them in place, then run the box tape along the seem on both sides.  You now have simple and inexpensive privacy offices that also fold up nice and flat so they are easy to store. 

Other Tips/Suggestions:

Use colored or patterned folders for a different look (note that this may be more distracting to your distracted students.)  You can also use patterned packing tape.  Students could each have their very own to keep in desks or cubbies.  They could decorate the outside to personalize them.  
Hope you enjoy!
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