DIY Science Safety Goggles!

Here is a fun Classroom DIY project that will help you organize your Science Groups and keep your budding Scientists germ free! Color coding helps even the youngest Scientist keep up with his or her own materials!

Items to gather:

Safety goggles
.  RIT dye
.  Salt
.  Water
.  Liquid Measuring Cup
.  Metal Pan
.  Paper Towels
.  Metal Tongs
.  Bleach


1.  Grab all of your safety glasses and remove the straps if they can be removed.

2.  Add your dye to the pan. Cook on medium heat for at least 20 minutes. Allow for more time to achieve a darker tint.                                           

3.  Once the color you want is achieved simply lift out your goggles and rinse off the excess dye over the sink. Allow your goggles to air dry.

4. Clean your pan, tongs and sink with bleach if needed.

Other Tips/Suggestions:

Now you have tinted Science Safety Goggles that you can assign to Science Groups. And you will probably have multiple students using these. The quickest and easiest way to get these clean is to use Clorox Wipes. Even the youngest budding Scientist can independently make their own goggles germ free for the next investigation!

And that is Science in a snap!

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