DIY Book Bin Labels

Do you want an organized and professional looking classroom library?  Make book bin labels out of name tag sleeves!

Using name tag sleeves makes it super simple to add a new genre, author, or category without wasting a ton of laminate by only running through one small piece of paper. These labels are stronger and more durable than regular laminate and will last for years!

Items To Gather:

  • plastic name tag sleeves from an office supply store or Amazon 
  • 1 inch loose-leaf binder rings from an office supply store or Amazon
  • Copy paper
  • Printer with color ink
  • Scissors



  1. Print out my freebie labels, or make your own.
  2. Cut them to fit in the name tag sleeves.  I rounded mine at the bottom, since my name tag sleeves have round corners.
  3. Use loose-leaf binder rings to attach the sleeves to your book bins.
  4. Admire how beautiful and organized your library is!

Other Tips/Suggestions:

You can use the sleeves to label anything in your room: math manipulatives, word work supplies, general school supplies, the sky is the limit!
photo of Teaching With Style classroom library

photo of Teaching With Style classroom library

Can't wait to see how you use this idea in your classroom!

photo of Teaching With Style blog
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