DIY Classroom Pocket Chair Covers

Do your students need a place to keep their classroom library books, white boards, and/or folders without them getting destroyed in their desks?  Then make these durable and easy to make pocket chair covers.

Items to Gather:

  • Fabric  - choose a denim, duck, or twill for durability
  • Yardage - 1 yard of 60" wide fabric makes 4 chair covers
  • 4 Cuts - 15" x 36" (1 cut for each cover)
  • Clear vinyl if you want to make name pockets on the back of the cover - Each pocket is 2" x 6"
  • scissors to cut fabric
  • ruler
  • sewing machine


As this is a sewing project, I have a PDF document for you to download with step by step directions to make the chair covers.  Don't be intimidated!  If you can sew a straight stitch, you can make these easy as pie.  These pocket chair covers can be made from one piece of fabric, cut, folded, and sewn with easy straight seams.  They are easy to make and hold up great. Click HERE for the PDF step by step directions.

Other Tips/Suggestions:

I have used this pattern and covers for three years and the kiddos and I love them. They are great if your students work at tables instead of desks and if they work at desks, you can choose which items to be stored in the pocket, such as books from the class library, white board, etc.

Have fun,

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