DIY Decorative Letters

These fun letters dress up my school bookshelves, and invite students to ... READ!  Want to make your own?  You only need to gather a few simple materials, set aside a bit of time, and get ready to "get your craft on!"

Items to Gather:

  • 8" wood letters (look for ones with a flat bottom so they will sit on a shelf)
  • scrapbook paper (I included the link for the paper I used below)
  • mod podge
  • 1" paintbrush (I used a foam brush)
  • 1/4" or 1/8" ribbon
  • glue gun


1.  Lay your letter face down on the white side of the scrapbook paper.  Trace around your letter.
2.  Cut out your letter from the scrapbook paper.  You can use scissors or a utility knife.
3.  Give your letter a thin coat of mod podge and attach your scrapbook paper on top.  Apply another coat of mod podge on top.
4.  Add a few more coats of mod podge on top of the letter, but be sure to let it dry thoroughly between each coat (it doesn't take very long to dry).
5.  After the mod podge is completely dry, you may need to trim some of the edges of the scrapbook paper.  A utility knife works best for this.
6.  Using your glue gun, outline your letter with thin 1/4" or 1/8" ribbon.  This step is optional, but it really gives your letters that special finishing touch.
7.  After I added the ribbon, I added another coat of mod podge on top.

Other Tips/Suggestions:

I have covered the same letters in buttons to make fun decorative initials for my daughters' bedrooms.

Hope you enjoy!

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