DIY Duct Tape Flower Pens

Do you LOVE fun pens like I do?  These colorful flowers pens are made with an inexpensive pen and duct tape!  These pens would not only make a great gift but they would brighten up any office space. Children and adults alike will have a blast creating their own flower pens.

Items to Gather:

  • fun colorful duct tape
  • cutting mat (optional)
  • x-acto knife and/or scissors
  • ink pens
  • adhesive jewels


Step 1: Attached adhesive jewel to the top (or bottom depending how you look at it) of the pen.
Step 2: Decide what color(s) duct tape you want to use  for your flower and cut at least six 8 inch strips.  Next you cut each 8 inch strip of tape into 2 inch sections.  Using a gridable cutting mat and an x-acto knife make this task real easy.

Step 3: Now you are going to start making the petals.  Take one of the 2 inch strips, sticky side up, and fold down the corner so you have an L (sticky part) left. 

Step 4: Fold the unsticky part into itself to make a triangle with just a strip of sticky on the bottom.

Step 5: After you make one petal (the triangle with a sticky strip on the bottom) set aside and continue to make petals out of all of the 2 inch strips.

Step 6: When you finish folding/shaping all the petals it is time to put the flower together.  Start wrapping the petals around the pen (jewel end) sticking it down with the sticky part.  Continue to wrap each petal so you stagger all the points.

Step 7: After you finish adding all the 2 inch strips it will look like this.  This is using 24 strips.  For a fuller follower you will need more strips. (The yellow rose was made with 30 two inch strips)

Step 8: Wrap the remaining part of the pen with a strip of green tape and you're done!

Other tips/suggestions:

 Once you make the first one, it becomes a bit addicting.  You can make a "bunch" of these for your co-workers or to give out on parent orientation night.  You could also use these as incentives for your students..... my students would do just about anything for a cool pen.  Make sure you make some with some rough and tough patterns for the boys (camo, flames, checkered, etc.)

Have a 'hoppy' day!

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