DIY Interactive Wall Decor

Looking for simple and interactive wall decor?!

Items to Gather:

  • dry erase wall decor from Target - click pic below to check it out (or any laminated paper will do!)
  • dry erase markers (one marker comes with the pack from Target)
  • eraser/sock/paper towel (to wipe off writing)


1.  Take dots out of the package and flatten them.
2.  Peel the dots from the paper and place them in the desired spot on the wall.
3.  Use a dry erase marker to start decorating your wall with learning and fun!

Other Tips/Suggestions:

Here are a few pictures of how I would use these dry erase dots, but the choice is up to you and kiddos!  The possibilities are endless!  :)
Parts of speech activity while reading/listening to a book
Word family sorting activity
Splitting your kids into groups
Place value sorting
Hope you and the kids enjoy!

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