DIY Kinesthetic Shower Curtain Activities

Use a shower curtain liner to make a kinesthetic game for nearly any concept you teach!

Items to Gather:

  • Shower curtain liner
  • King Size Sharpie & other colored Sharpies
  • Bean Bag (or item to toss)


Step 1: Lay shower curtain out flat on the floor. Use a yard stick to mark it off into grids depending on how many spaces you need (alphabet? Numbers? Shapes? You decide!)

Step 2: Label each grid--that's it!!

Other Tips/Suggestions:

* This activity can be used for letter/sound identification, shape recognition, number recognition, sight words, sight word phrases, color recognition, and so much more! Buy a few liners and make different games!

* Use the King size Sharpie when you are drawing your grids to make thick, bold lines.

* Use in a small group. Students will take turns tossing a bean bag to learn, review, and master concepts!

Have fun with this easy, inexpensive, activity that your visual & kinesthetic learners will love!

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