DIY Magnetic Memo Board

Create a magnetic memo board in any size or shape to match your style and classroom theme or decor.  Add any other elements to suit your needs.

Items to Gather:

  • Some type of metal {magnetic} sheet:  Cookie sheet, pizza pan, burner covers, or plain sheet metal
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Spray adhesive
  • Mod Podge & foam brush
  • Ribbon
  • Ruler & cutting board
  • Hammer & awl
  • Scissors & X-acto knife
  • Painter's or masking tape and pencil
  • Drill with bit large enough for ribbon to pass through  {Don't be afraid of the power tools!}
  • Block of wood for awl and drill use
  • Plastic or other material to cover work area

***Optional Items to Gather:

  • Thin cork board
  • Craft paint and foam brush
  • Glue gun

I know this looks like a long list, but most items are common household items.  The only thing I had to purchase was a cookie sheet.  I went with the flat type because I didn't want the sides of the cookie sheet getting in the way.


1.  Work in a ventilated area as the spray adhesive is rather strong.  Cover your work area.

2.  If your cookie sheet does not have holes in the handle, you will need to drill some.  I chose to measure 3" in from each side.  Use tape and mark spots with pencil.  The tape will also help protect the metal when drilling. I did have to ask my husband to help me hold the sheet since I only have 2 hands.  I placed the wooden block under the cookie sheet to protect the surface of my table.

**NOTE:  There will be metal shavings to clean up.  Also the backs of the holes you drill will need some attention because they will be fairly rough/sharp.

3.  Choose your scrapbook paper and cut what you need to fit the dimensions of your cookie sheet.  I used spray adhesive to adhere the paper to the sheet since it is thin, very light-weight, and dries quickly.  You don't want to interfere too much with the magnetic strength of your cookie sheet.  I then applied 2 very thin coats of Mod Podge.  Make sure you allow each coat to dry completely. 

When the Mod Podge is dry, you will need to poke through the holes you created earlier.  I used the tip of my X-acto knife to make a small hole and trim away the paper.

4.  Pull ribbon through the holes to hang your magnetic memo board.

This patter was basically impossible to match up, so you can see the seam.  If you plan to stop at this step, you may want to think about the pattern you choose a little more than I did. :)

5.  I chose to add a small, 3" strip of cork board to the bottom.  I also painted it to match my paper so it wouldn't stand out so much.  

6.  When the paint is dry, hot glue the cork to the bottom of the memo board.

7.  Hang and enjoy!

Other Tips/Suggestions:

  1. There is an endless supply of scrapbook paper colors and designs to choose from, so you can easily match your classroom theme or decor.  
  2. If you plan to use scrapbook paper often, buy in bulk!  It's so much cheaper to buy a large tablet with around 100 sheets than to buy individual the colors and patterns are already coordinated for you! 

Enjoy 'Making It',

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