DIY Money Manipulatives

Make your own money manipulatives!

Items to Gather:

  • Small wooden cubes (I got mine at Michael's in the woodworking section)
  • plastic coin manipulatives
  • glue dots


This one is super duper easy!
1. Choose the coins you would like to have on your cubes. I found that with the size of my blocks and coins, quarters would not fit.
2. Press a coin to the glue dot, then press the coin onto one side of the wooden cube.
3. continue around the cube until all sides are covered.

Other Tips/Suggestions:

Don't worry if the coins overlap a bit creating uneven edges. They still work really well!

Here's a little game board to use with your new math manipulatives! Have students face each other with the game board between them. They will also need some small markers to cover spaces on their side of the board (I usually use centimeter cubes). Then students take turns rolling the money cube and covering the amount shown. The first student to reach 25¢ is the winner! Click on the picture to download from Google Docs.

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