DIY Picnic Centers

Are you still in school and need some new ideas?  Looking for ideas for summer school?  Here are a few quick and easy ways to make Picnic Centers for your classroom!

Items to Gather:

  • Picnic themed items such as coasters, hot dog holders, plates, napkins, etc.  Ideas are below.  I found my ideas at the $1 Spot at Target.
  • Skills you need to practice- that's an easy one! 


1. Choose the picnic item you would like to use.  I chose the hot dog holder.  
2. Choose the skill to be practiced and print out my hot dog template here.  The hot dog works best with items that need to be matched.  
3. Write one half of the match on the bun.  Write the other half of the match on the hot dog.
4. Lay out the hot dog holders in the center.  Store the hot dogs and the buns separately.  Students match the bun with the hot dog.

Other Tips/Suggestions:

The center can be made into a game by making it a race where the first person to make his/her hot dog is the winner.

You can use different items in each center and make a complete picnic.  The coasters can be used easily for a memory match game if you write on one side.  The coasters can also be used to "make lemonade" by having students place the lemon in the correct lemonade cup.

I created a "not" contraction hot dog center that is ready for printing.  Click the picture below to download it and start using it now.


Happy picnic planning!

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