DIY Themed Magnets

Do you have a themed classroom?  I know that so many teachers love adding their personality to the year through a fun theme.  One fun place to incorporate a theme is in your magnets.  Don't have a theme?  These are a fun way to add spice to magnets anywhere.

Items to Gather:

  • Glass tiles. I got mine from Amazon (these are not all the same size or shape and have some variation, which I liked.) or you can purchase the glass "rocks" from the dollar store.  They won't be as flat.
  • Diamond Glaze glue or E-6000 glue (this one for sure if you are using extra strong magnets)
  • Pictures that you'd like on your magnets.  Use clip art or cut outs that fit nicely under the glass tile. 
  • Strong magnets (Rare Earth are very strong, but may be too strong.  Think about what you'll use them for and purchase a strength that will suite your needs.)


1.  Have everything ready on a clean surface with some paper or other protector laid out under you.  The diamond glaze glue will wipe up easily, but the E-6000 may be less forgiving. 

2. Lay the glass tiles over the image you want to use.  Trace around the tile with a pen or pencil.  Then cut out the image inside of the line you drew so that the line doesn't show through.  Check the image size by placing it under the tile again. 

3.  On the rougher side of the tile, put a few drops of glue and place the image face down on the tile.  Press down gently and wipe away excess glue around the edges. Place a few drops of glue on the back of the image you just glued down and place the magnet.  Press down gently.  To seal the image, carefully put glue over the back of the tile around the magnet to seal it.  Let it all dry for several hours or overnight to be safe. 

4.  Use your magnet! 

Other Tips/Suggestions:

I used just the diamond glaze for my medium strength magnets and they work great.  If you are using the very strong magnets, E-6000 is a very strong glue that should keep the magnet better attached to the glass tile.  Other tile shapes such as square, triangle and rectangle could be used.    

We'd love to see your magnet creations!

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