DIY Woodsy Decor

I'm sure you've noticed that faux wood, owls and all things Brady Bunch have made a comeback lately.  Make the most of the faux wood fad with a little classroom woodsy DIY project. *Bonus: If you aren't teaching in a brand new school, chances are your classroom already contains a lovely avocado green cabinet or some other "interesting" throwback item that would fit the theme perfectly!

Items to Gather:

    • Woodland Critters Template printable available here
    • Wood Grain contact paper. I recommend at least two colors. (Dark and light "wood" styles.)
    • Sharp scissors for cutting out patterns
    • Something to decorate: I added faux wood contact paper to pencil cups, clipboards, inside a frame to make a message board, and to the outside of a cupboard to make a woodsy mural. The possibilities are endless!
    • An electronic cutter. (Like a Cricut or Silhouette.) These work great on contact paper, and they are especially handy if you plan to cut letters.
    • Pot scraper to work out the air bubbles. I didn't use one. I just smoothed any bubbles with my hand.


      Step 1: Print Woodland Critters template. (Available here) -Or trace your own shapes.

      Step 2: Cut your shapes.

      Step 3: Stick. Attach your woodsy silhouettes to anything. They peel right off if you don't like the look, or want to change it next year.

      Other Tips/Suggestions:

      If you think the faux wood trend should stay in the past, you can still make some fun classroom murals with contact paper. It comes in a million colors and styles!

      If you want to move or store your contact paper pieces when you aren't using them, just save the backing papers or use waxed paper for storage.

      Did you know you can write on all contact paper with chalk? (Not just the chalkboard kind.) If it doesn't erase completely, just wipe it off with a damp towel.

      *FYI: The cute owl and woodland animal graphics are from Lilly Bimble & Pixel Paper Prints on


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