DIY 3D Table Signs

Do you hang signs over your tables to indicate your table group names? (Red group, green group, etc.) These three-dimensional mobiles are great for table group signs or general classroom decor.

Items to Gather:

    • 4-5 sheets of patterned paper for each mobile
    • Any symmetrical pattern to trace. As you see here, I've used a star shape, an oval, and a hot air balloon.(FYI: I got the star from my Microsoft Word clipart, and I drew the oval and the hot air balloon freehand on a folded sheet of paper, so they would be symmetrical.)
    • Scissors
    • Glue Stick
    • Hole punch
    • Fishing line or twine to hang


    Step 1: Create a template using a symmetrical clip art design or a design of your own. I used a sheet of 8 1/2 by 11 printer paper and stretched my clipart so it would fill up the whole sheet.

    Step 2: Cut your template.

    Step 3: Fold your patterned papers symmetrically, and one by one, lay the pattern, (also folded), over the top and trace. Cut the same shape 4 or 5 times. (It looks good with four, but five makes the mobile a bit fuller.)

    Step 4: Apply glue to the back of the first shape.

    Step 5: Attach half of the second shape, leaving the other half open to attach the next shape. See pictures, because this is kind of hard to explain. :)

    Step 6: Continue gluing and attaching until all shapes are attached.

    Step7: Trim edges if necessary. (As you can see, I forgot to trim the oval shape above before taking the picture.  Sorry!)

    Step 8: Hole-punch on the top and hang with fishing line or twine. 

    Other Tips/Suggestions:

    Different weights of twine or string seem to make the mobile spin faster or slower. I like the look and weight of decorative baker's twine, but I think pretty much anything would work.
    Lots of different shapes would work for this project. Pick shapes and papers that go with your classroom theme or go with a basic ball shape to make it simple. Either way, they make a really whimsical (and functional) addition to your classroom decor.
    These also make cute decorations for a child's room or playroom. I made these hot air balloons to hang at home: (Inspired by the mobiles in this post.)


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