DIY Hall Passes with Fewer Germs

Create a Hall Pass Board using magnetic clips which allows your students to clip the pass to a collar or shirt sleeve.  Sure to dramatically cut down the number of germs those Hall Passes might pick up!

Items to Gather:

  • Magnetic dry erase board {or other magnetic board}
  • Magnetic clips
  • Hall Pass Sign or letter cut-outs {I've included a Freebie at the end of this post with 20 different Hall Pass versions.}
  • Ribbon or yarn for decoration
  • Scissors
  • Tags with your name on them
  • Tape

***Optional Items to Gather:

  • Wooden clothes pins with magnets added to back 
  • Scrapbook paper and Mod Podge if you want to decorate wooden clothes pins
  • Glue gun
  1. Attach the Hall Pass Sign or cut-out letters to the Dry Erase Board with tape or hot glue.
  2. Punch a hole in the tags with your name on them.
  3. Cut the ribbon to desired length.
  4. Attach the tags to the clips with the ribbon.
  5. Stick clips on your board.

Other Tips/Suggestions:

  1. There are endless possibilities to how you could create this project and still have them same effect.  Choose the materials and style that works best for your classroom.
{You can download the entire set, then print the one that works for you and your classroom!  Click on either image to download from Google Docs.}
Enjoy 'Making It',
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