DIY I-Spy Bottles

Use these easy to make I-Spy bottles for any grade level and any skill/concept! This DIY project does not require dyed rice--even easier and faster to make! 

Items to Gather:

  • 3 oz. plastic travel bottles (.97 cents at Wal-Mart)
  • 10 # bag white rice at Wal-Mart
  • sequins
  • glitter (optional)
  • tiny craft pom-poms (optional)
  • Printable game mats (or make your own) - Click HERE


1.  Gather 15+ colored plastic bottles
2.  Fill each bottle with white rice. Since the bottles are colored, there is no need to dye the rice! Leave 1.5" or so open at the top of the bottle to leave room to shake and turn the bottle when looking for items. 

3.   Add sequins, glitter, or tiny craft pom-poms for aesthetics and to make the search more interesting.

4.  Insert tiny I-Spy items. In the link above, there is a printable for numbers/number word 1-10 I-Spy game. See below for suggested I-Spy items. Only Add 1 item per bottle if you are using the bottles as a matching game with a game mat. 

Other Tips/Suggestions:
* I-Spy items to search for: shapes, math facts, sight words 
* Vocabulary Words (put definitions on the game mat, words in the bottle)
* Letter match (use letter beads found in craft aisle)


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