DIY Learning Objective/Nametag Boards

This has a ton of uses!  Students will write the learning objective of each lesson on the dry erase board, there is a ledge in the front to hold their pencil, the clothes pins with each student's name serve as the seating chart, and when they have a question, they put the clothes pin with their name on it on top of the board so the teacher can see who needs help.  

Items to Gather:

  • white wall board from home improvement store (Lowe's will cut for free if you buy it there)
  • corner trim pieces - cut at same store
  • liquid nails glue
  • pipe cleaners
  • duct tape
  • paper clips
  • white glue
  • clothes pins


Step 1:  I purchased an 4' X 8' sheet of white wall board and had it cut to the size I wanted.  Mine are 16" long and 6" tall.
Step 2:  I purchased the corner trim pieces and had them cut to 16" long.
Step 3:  Using the liquid nails, I glued the trim pieces to the bottom, standing them up on a flat surface each time to make sure they stood flat.
Step 4:  Lay them down flat to dry.
Step 5:  Using the white glue, glue pipe cleaner pieces to the top of the bottom edge of corner pieces to keep the pencils and dry erase markers from rolling off, and let dry.
Step 6:  Using the duct tape, I taped 2 paper clips - so that half of each sticks out the back - to the bottom of the corner piece so that the boards would not be easy to tip backwards.
Step 7:  Add student names to the clothes pin and place around the edge of the board.

Other Tips/Suggestions:

I use different colors of clothes pins for different class periods.  Because of how we have kids swithcing in and out of classrooms for above grade level classes, this really helps organize the seating arrangements.  You could really add some personality to them with mini borders, stickers, etc.

The boards can also be used as personal dry erase boards to use during lessons - the pencil ledge serves as a great handle grip!

Happy Crafting!

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