DIY Modeled Science Notebook!

Hello Classroom DIY Friends! Are you excited about gearing up for another year of Science fun? Do you use Science Notebooks in your class? If so, I have the perfect Back to School Classroom DIY project for you! Today we are going to make a DIY Modeled Science Notebook so you look like the smartest teacher around! A Modeled Science Notebook is great way to kick off your Science Notebooking, a great way to integrate writing into Science and teach expectations through modeled demonstrations! So, let's get started!

Items to Gather:

For One Notebook:
  • Large chart tablet paper from a local teacher supply store 
  • 1 Poster board
  • Stapler
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Decorations

1.  Fold the poster board in half to make a big book. Remove 10 sheets of chart paper and fold lengthwise. Make sure to keep the handwriting lines on the chart paper going in the right direction. You will notice that the chart paper is longer than the poster board notebook. Just simply trim to size to create the pages of your notebook. Now staple the chart tablet paper together to make a seam.

2.  You will glue the paper seam inside the big notebook seam and allow it to dry.

3.  Once your notebook is dry you can use your decorations to decorate the cover of your notebook or you could have your class take care of this for you.

 4.  Now you have a Modeled Science Notebook ready to go for your first lesson!

Other Tips/Suggestions:
I make a notebook for each science focus. When I am finished with that topic I put the notebook in the class library for the children to read. The notebook can be added to throughout the year by following the sale steps as above and adding 10 more chart tablet sheets at a time. All you do is glue the new section behind the first.

I hope you have as much fun as I did creating your Modeled Notebook,

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