DIY Notepads

Do you have scrap paper lying around?  Upcycle your scrap paper/copies into DIY notepads.


Items to Gather:

  • Scrap paper
  • Cardstock paper or chipboard
  • Binder clips
  • Notepad Padding Compound
  • Paper cutter or scissors


Step 1: Collect an abundance of scrap paper.

Step 2: Cut paper into desired size.

Step 3:Cut cardstock or chipboard to match the size of paper. 

Step 4:  Stack paper, place the cardstock or chipboard on the back, and clip together to keep paper tightly in place.

Step 5:  Apply a generous amount of notepad padding compound.  Allow to dry and apply second coat.

Step 6:  Remove clips and use your upcycled notepad.

Other Tips/Suggestions:

Create your own personalized stationary, print, and make into a notepad.

Have fun expressing your creativity!

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