DIY Pallet Board Signs

Classroom DIY: A Modern Teacher

Using pallet boards to create a sign! This classroom decor goes great with a camping theme! 




Items to Gather:


Classroom DIY: A Modern Teacher
  • Wood Burning Tool
  • Small Pallet Boards
  • glitter glue (optional)


1.  Sketch out your desired words in pencil on the boards
2.  Very carefully burn your words into the boards using the burn tool.  I find it is best to burn the words by using small dots and sort of fill in the wholes.   
3.  Optional: And because I'm that kind-of girl: embellish with glitter glue
That's it!

Classroom DIY: A Modern Teacher

Other Tips/Suggestions:

I think these signs are great to go along with a camping theme.  It also brings texture to the classroom.  However, if you teach the little, little ones be sure to either sand the edges or place the signs where little ones can't get to it.

Happy Creating!


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