DIY Personalized Tote Bag

Cute tote bags are all the rage.  You probably wouldn't even think of going to a conference or professional development without a bag, and it certainly must be cute.  Those cute bags can cost a fortune.  Here's an idea on personalizing and jazzing up a bag so you're ready to go.  

Items to Gather:

  • A canvas tote bag (or any other fabric item you want to personalize).  I found mine at my local craft store.  Or you can have it show up right to your door.  Here's some options from Amazon: 
  • Fabric transfer paper.  Be sure to get one that is right for your printer (inkjet or laser) and for your fabric color.  There is paper for light fabrics and one for dark fabrics.  

  • A computer and printer along with clip art you want to use.  (The art I used is from  
  • An iron and a flat surface you want to iron on.  The directions recommend not using an ironing board.  I did use one and mine turned out fine.  
  • Instructions:

    1.  Create the design you want in any program.  I used word.  Be aware that your image will end up backwards from what you print.  If you're doing just an image, this won't matter too much.  If you're doing words, there will be a few more steps.  

    2. To reverse your image, there are a few options.  First, check your printer options and see if it will print a mirror image.  I saved the file as a PDF and then opened that as an image in Photoshop and reversed the image.  If you don't have Photoshop, you can design your layout in the free paint program or other online free program and save your creation as a picture file (usually png) then insert into word and in picture options, choose to flip horizontal. 

    3.  Once you have your layout as you want it and any words are in a mirror image layout, you can print onto the transfer paper.  Follow the directions of your paper package carefully.  

    4.  Cut out your image and iron onto your fabric according to the directions of the transfer paper package.  Remove the paper backing and enjoy your new personalized item.  

    5.  Wash the item as needed according to directions.  Usually in cold water and inside out.  You will likely need to let it air dry or fluff it in the dryer as the heat of the dryer will damage the image. 

    Other Tips/Suggestions:

    I have personalized fabric items with acrylic paint as well.  Thinly paint it onto the fabric and let it dry.  Go over the painted image with an iron on the back side of the fabric or put in the dryer on a high setting to help set the paint.    

    I have an apron I personalized and wear often in the classroom to protect my nice clothes while in the classroom.  

    We'd love to see your personalized bags and fabric items!

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