DIY Student Welcome Kit

It's still the middle of summer but if you are anything like me, you are already planning for the new school year.  This is a simple little welcome gift I give to all my students on "Meet the Teacher" night.

Items to Gather:

You will need one of each item for every bag you want to make.
  • brown lunch bags (or decorative ones)
  • cotton balls
  • stickers
  • toothpick
  • eraser
  • penny
  • rubber band
  • star 
  • chocolate kisses
  • Free printable {Download here for 4th grade} or {Download here for fill in your grade}


Step 1: Downloadprint out, and cut out the free printable welcome item list. Sign the bottom of the list with your name.

Step 2:  Put one of each item listed in an individual lunch sized bag.

Step 3: Fold the top of the bag a little and staple the item list on the fold to seal the bag.

other Tips/Suggestions:

Besides everything on the list I always include a pencil that says "4th Grade Rocks" or "Welcome to 4th Grade".  When I hand the welcome kit to a student I tell them they must open it at home with their parents and read it together.  I am not sure how big of a hit this is with the kids but I know it impresses the parents.  I have had wonderful feedback about it from parents and even the administration!

Have a 'hoppy' day!

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