DIY Student Work Display

Do you like to display student work in the hall outside your classroom?  Do you hate removing staples?  Here is a quick and easy solution that you can reuse year after year!
 Items to Gather:

  • ID Strap Clips
  • Cut outs/Accents that match your room decor
  • Coordinating bulletin board border
  • Hole punch
  • Stapler or 3M Command Poster Adhesive


1.  Laminate the cut outs or accents you have chosen. Then using the hole punch cut a hole toward the bottom of your cut out.
2.  Snap the Id badge clip through the hole on the cut out.
3.  Staple the cut out to the tack strip.  I clip a piece of paper to each cut out before I staple it to make sure the spacing is perfect.

If you don't have a tack strip in your hall you can use double sided tape or command strips (I like 3M Command Poster Adhesive)  to attach the cut out and border.

4. Attach coordinating border above the tack strip.

Other Tips/Suggestions:

After laminating the cut outs, you can write each student's name with dry erase marker.  This will allow you to reuse the same cut outs year after year. 


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