DIY Baggie Books

These baggie books are perfect for writing and journaling.  They allow you to place items easily directly into the book to make it a kinesthetic writing and reading experience.  

Items to Gather:

  • Fun patterned duct tape.   This tape now comes in many patterns and colors. 
  • A stapeler.   

  • Paper.  Use plain copy paper for an open canvas, lined for writing guides or any other paper that fits your book theme or needs. 
  • Objects to place into baggie that support your writing.   I used coins.  Consider any other item that fits your objective in making this book.
  • Instructions:

    1.  Cut your paper just smaller than the baggie so that it will fit inside.  Be sure that it is small enough that the zipper will close.   

    2. Write your story, facts or journaling.  Draw pictures or diagrams.  You'll need to plan out the pages so you know the order and how many you'll need. 

    3.  Slip the pages into the baggies.  Plan for the order the baggies will be in and how the pages will turn.  Also slip in your objects or artifacts.  

    4.  Zip the bags closed.  Stack them in order and staple them together along the zipper.   
    5.  Tape the edge with the decorative duct tape for a finished look and to cover the staples.  A trick to this is to fold the tape in half so the sticky side is out.  Lay one edge down so it sticks to the table then lay the book edge over the tape that is still facing up.  Lift the other side of the tape from the table and fold it over the other side of the book.  

    Other Tips/Suggestions:

    The ways to use these baggie books is endless.  I see great uses in science or have students collect an item and do a creative writing about it and include the object in the front cover.  Be imaginative in all the possibilities this book format could have for you and your class.     

    Use various size baggies depending on your need.  Note that the freezer bags are  more sturdy, but often have a white box in the middle for freezer labeling.  This may be a problem for the book.    

    We'd love to see your baggie books and the creative ways in which you found to use them!

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