DIY Corkboard Redesign

Here's a quick and easy way to dress up that dull and boring corkboard!

Items to Gather:

  • corkboard
  • decorative items (ribbon, cut-outs, etc.)
  • hot glue gun/glue sticks
  • scissors

1.  Purchase your corkboard and decorative items.
2.  Glue the ribbon around the edges of the corkboard.
3.  You can add other decorative elements to the corners/edges.
4.  Display your snazzy new corkboard and enjoy!
Other Tips/Suggestions:

- You can use ANYTHING to decorate your corkboard and truly make it your own.  I used some of my favorite football clip art from MelonHeadz!  It's personalization at it's best!  :)

Hope you enjoy!
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