DIY Fleece Pillows

Would you like to make these super cute and comfy little pillows for your classroom?  You don't problem!  If you can cut a straight line and tie a knot this is the project for you!
 Items to Gather:
  • Fleece fabric to match your room decor 
  • Poly Fil (polyester stuffing)
  • Scissors
  • Tape Measure


 1. For this pillow I measured and cut a sixteen inch square piece of fleece. 

 2. Use this piece as a pattern to cut your second square.

 3.  Put the wrong sides of the squares together, the right sides (fabric you want on the outside of the pillow) facing out.  With fleece this usually doesn't matter, because both sides are usually right sides.

4. Measure and cut three inch squares out of all four corners.  These squares will dictate the length of the fringe on the pillows.

5. Start by cutting a three inch slit in the center of each side.  Then cut three inch slits so the side is divided into fourths.  You are then going to cut each of those fourths into thirds.  This will keep your slits even.

 6. Tie the top and bottom pieces together in a double knot.  Do this all the way around the pillow leaving 3-4 untied at the end.
7. Use the Poly Fil to stuff your pillow until it is nice and plump.  Tie all but the last piece together.  Poke stuffing in through the last little hole to fill up that corner.

8. These fun little pillows cost about $3 a piece. They took about 10-15 minutes to make.

Other Tips/Suggestions:

You can make whatever size of pillow you want.
For a 20 inch pillow I cut 4 inch squares out of each corner
For a 25 inch square pillow I cut 5 inch squares out of each corner.  Just remember the fringe will be however long you cut those squares on the corner.  

Happy Crafting!

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