DIY "Marbleized" Bulletin Board Borders

Here is an easy, fast, different way to create bulletin board borders -- "Marbleized" Paint!

Items to Gather:

  • sentence strips
  • 3 colors of paint (white, and two others)
  • paint brush
  • paper to protect your table from the paint and other supplies you need when painting


Step 1:  Gather all of your materials.  When you decide upon your three paint colors, place a glop of each one on some sort of paint tray.

Step 2:  Lay one sentence strip out on the table in front of you.

Step 3:  Get some of the white and a bit of the main color on the paintbrush.  Begin DABBING it on the sentence strip.  I just basically stab the brush down onto the sentence strip.  DO NOT BRUSH BACK AND FORTH.  It is the stabbing motion that gives it the marble effect. 

Step 4: When you need more paint on your brush, grab a little of the next color.  Then start stabbing that on.  The more you mix and match up the colors, the better it will look.

Step 5:  Try not to actually mix the colors, just mesh them together.  This keeps the integrity of the color, but still gives them a marble effect. 

Step 6: When you are done with one sentence strip, move it somewhere to dry, and start again.  One average size bulletin board in my room requires about 9  strips.  It takes about 10 minutes to create all the strips needed for one board.

Other Tips/Suggestions:

I like to use two main colors that are similar to each other.  So for the board you see, I used dark blue and light blue, in addition to the white.  Every once in a while, I will JUST put one color on my brush.  This gives the strips some dimension.  I have also used green, blue, and white for an underwater theme. The possibilities are endless!  What is nice about this is that all the strips are different from each other, yet uniform in color.  It gives your room a "different" look than the store-bought borders.

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