DIY No Cut, No Sew Classroom Pillows

Pillows are a great way to liven up your classroom library.  Need a cheap and easy way to make some that requires NO cutting or sewing?  Read on!

Items to Gather:

  • two fabric squares (see below) or two handkerchiefs
  • no-sew hem tape or stitch witchery
  • poly filling or pillow
  • iron


1. Pick your fabric to match your color scheme.  You can find pre-cut pieces of fabric for pretty affordable.  I got these two for about a dollar each from Wal-Mart.  You can also use handkerchiefs.
2. Lay out one piece of fabric with the front facing up.
3. Lay out the no-sew hem tape along three sides.  Be sure it goes all the way to the end.
4. Lay the second piece of fabric front side down onto the existing fabric.  For me, it's easiest to bunch it up in the middle and lay two corners onto the top two corners.  Then I can slowly drag it down.  (I'm not sure where my picture went!)

5. Iron along the three edges according to the directions on the no-sew hem tape.  I always have the heat up a bit higher, and iron for a bit longer.  The ironing is the most important part of the process!  Gently check all of the edges to see if you should iron more.

6. Let the fabric rest while the tape cools.

7. Gently fold the fabric inside out.  The front of your fabric should now be facing out.  Check all the sides again.  If you need to iron more, fold the fabric inside and repeat step 3.

8. Stuff the poly filling into the fabric starting with the bottom corners.  Don't fill it too full.

9. Fold the last side over the top like an envelope.  Place a strip of hem tape and iron again.  In order to help me with this, I usually place the pillow under my legs so I can push the filling down.  Allow the hem tape to cool.

10. Place the pillow where you would like it to be!

Other Tips/Suggestions:

Each one costs less than $5, takes less than 20 minutes to make, and there is no sewing!  These will not work for every person in every classroom because they don't hold up to washing and destruction.  For me, they work well!  I hope they'll work well for you too!

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