DIY Paint Chip Calendar

This DIY project is simple and cheap. This is a simple calendar that can be displayed in the classroom for you or for your students. I intend to use this calendar for myself next to my desk - you can write on it with dry erase markers so you can change and add things as you please.  

Items to Gather:

  • 16" x 20" frame - I tend to get all my frames from Michaels (was about $7.00)!
  • 14 total paint chips with 3 colors on each strip (or 7 strips with 6 colors) (I got mine from Lowes - the Olympic kind - I chose to do mine in the ombre style but you can do yours however you want!)

  • 2 pieces of scrapbook paper - 12" x 12"

  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pen
  • Gluestick
  • Dry Erase Marker


Step 1:  Here's how I started the project. I began laying out the cards after I cut them to the size I wanted. Sizes will vary for your own projects, but I used about a 2 1/4 inch across and the length was made up by the cards themselves. I cut off the middle lines separating the colors on the paint chips to make them pop rather than have this white edge on them. Continue cutting and laying down until you've got it to where you want it.

Step 2:  Once you've laid it out to your satisfaction, begin gluing each square on. This was a length process, and I tend to want EVEYRTHING as even as possible.. which is not the best idea when you're doing this project. It's a lot harder than it looks!

Step 3:  Place it back in the frame and lay the glass back in. I bought the frames where they are front loading because I've used these a few times and I really like them. They're just as easy as backloading frames... just whichever you prefer!

Step 4:  You're finished! Write out whatever month you'd like - I chose to show you an example with July as that's the next month that was after I created the project. I can't find my black dry erase marker so I used red. It doesn't look terrible... but this is just an example!

Have fun making your own calendar - ombre style or not!


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