DIY Parent welcome apples

Many of you have already welcomed your students back to school.  I still have a few days left before setting up my classroom and getting ready for the kiddos.  Last month I shared a Welcome back to School gift for the students and today I have a little gift for the parents.  This is the perfect gift to give each set of parents on Parent Orientation night.

Items to Gather:

You will need one of each item for every bag you want to make.
  • apples (as many as you need for each parent)
  • card stock
  • hole punch
  • ribbon
  • your printer
  • paper cutter (or scissors)
  • Free printable {Download here}



Step 1: Download, print out, and cut out the free printable apple poem (don't forget to sign your name under the poem)

Step 2:  Punch hole in the left corner of the poem.

Step 3: Attached the apple with the ribbon to the poem.  Add extra ribbon for decoration.

other Tips/Suggestions:

Place the apple with the poem on each students desk for Parent Orientation night.  Another idea is to just place the cards on the desk and have a basket of apples set out for the parents to take.  This little treat will not only let the parents know you appreciate them coming to Orientation night but that you expect them to be part of the learning process.

Have a 'hoppy' day!

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