DIY Poster Board Puzzles

No matter what subject you teach, you can create your own Poster Board Puzzles for a fun, new way collaborative group project that begins with the entire class. My students LOVE this!

Items to Gather:

  • Poster Board {all one color so you don't give away which pieces belong together}
  • Markers
  • Scissors


  1. Decide what the content of your puzzles will be.  This makes a great review lesson.
  2. Write a topic on each poster board along with facts, examples, pictures, etc. that support the topic.
  3. Cut out the facts, etc. in random puzzle shapes.
  4. Distribute the pieces randomly around the room.  I would also give struggling students the topic piece or a fairly simple fact piece of the puzzle.
  5. Explain how you want your class to proceed.
  6. Enjoy watching them work to put all the puzzles together.

Other Tips/Suggestions:

  1. If you wanted to use this as a center or station, you could use card stock instead.

Here are some pictures of my students doing this task from last year.

Enjoy 'Making It',

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