DIY Scrabble Tile Nameplates

This cute little nameplate only took a few supplies and minutes to make.  Best of all, it reminds me of all the great moments I've had during game nights with the family.

Items to Gather:

  • scrabble tiles and scrabble tile holder - I had an old game lying around here, but you can find used games at many second hand stores.  You can even buy just the tiles (I included a link below).
  • glue gun
  • embellishments are optional - I added a pencil, apple (button), and scrapbook sticker.  I "glittered" (it's a verb in my art classes) the pencil and the apple for a little extra bling.  


1.  If you are using glittered embellishments (I used a pencil and an apple button which I found in the sewing aisle at Walmart), I used some mod podge under and over the glitter.  
2.  Using a glue gun, I glued the pencil to the base of the tile holder, then glued the tiles and apple on to the holder.  I added a scrapbook sticker to the pencil, and that was it.  I told you it was easy!
3.  Set on desk and admire. 

Hope you enjoy!

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