DIY Sunbleached Puzzles


Need an easy, fun way to practice letter and/or number recognition? This is the perfect solar powered DIY!


Items to Gather: 

    • black or dark construction paper
    • letters or shapes of your choice
    • tape (optional)
    • sunny day


    1. Head outside on a bright sunny day and find a flat place to lay your construction paper.
    2. (Optional) You can use the tape to adhere the paper to the flat area, so it doesn't fly away. 
    3. Randomly lay your shapes or letters around the paper. 

    4. Let the letters or shapes lay in the sun for at least an hour.
    5. Take the letters or shapes off, and TADA you now have a matching puzzle for your little ones. 


    *The idea for this project came from Pinterest

    Other Tips/Suggestions:

    1. Laminate your new puzzle so that it will last.
    2. Use coins, blocks...the ideas are endless.
    3. Spell words with the letters, attach a picture of the word prior to laminating.
    4. For older students this is a great lesson on solar energy as well as which colors absorb more heat (using different color construction paper). 

    Best of Luck!

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