DIY Up-cycled Lapboards

Don't throw away broken or discarded 3-ring binders. Upcycle them into fun lapboard for your students to use while working on the floor or in small groups!

Items to Gather:

  • Old or inexpensive 3-ring binder
  • Duck Tape brand decorative tape
  • scissors


1. Cut the two side panels of the 3-ring binder away from the middle section with the rings.

2. Use the Duck Tape to frame the side panel of the binder. 

3. If desired, add a sheet with a title into the clear view cover before adding the final strip of tape (or leave the top strip off if you want to change the cover in the future.)

4. Now you've got a quick and easy (and cute!) lapboard! These are easier to store than clipboards since the bulky clip is out of the way. The pocket on the inside is still able to hold a full size sheet of paper. These would also make great boards to have a line monitor carry down the hall.

Other Tips/Suggestions:
When taping the sides of the panel, lay the tape on the table upside down, then line up your binder edge on the tape. It makes it a bit easier to see how much tape you're overlapping on each side. 

You can also add a bit of ribbon to make a loop at the top of the board and tape it in place to hang the board on a hook.

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