DIY Weather Bear

Need to liven up the weather portion of your circle or morning meeting?  Make and introduce your very own Weather Bear! 


Items to Gather:

  • Oak Tag File Folders (2)
  • Markers
  • White paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick
  • Velcro
  • Cardstock in a variety of colors
  • Laminator or contact paper


Step 1:  Take one file folder and sketch a bears body.

Step 2:  When you are satisfied with his size and form, using markers color his body.  I layered brown and black to look like fur and to add texture.

Step 3:  Cut out 2 small white circles for eyes and add a pupil in the center with a black marker.

Step 4:  Glue eyes to bear.

Once the bear is complete, trace him on another piece of oaktag to make a template to start making clothes based on each season.  You could also make different sets based on colors you are currently learning.

Use card stock for the bears clothing, shoes, boots, hat, umbrella etc.

Step 5:  When finished laminate each piece or cover with contact paper.

Step 6:  Add velcro to bear and each piece of clothing, shoes etc.

You now have your very own weather bear.  The children will love to help dress the bear according to the weather!

Have fun creating your very own weather bear!

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