DIY Check for Understanding

Our school is focusing on improving our "checking for understanding" strategies in order to get a more accurate pulse of the entire classroom compared to just cold calling on individual students at one time. We created these for each student's desk to hold up during a lesson or as we are reviewing problems to see which students are ready to move on, which need more practice, and which ones are totally lost.  


Items to Gather:

  • Ribbon
  • Red, Green, and Yellow cardstock
  • Metal ring
  • Hole puncher


Step 1:  Create a template for checking for understanding.

Step 2:  Cut out and laminate.

Step 3:  Cut ribbon 1 ft. long.

Step 4:  Hole punch cards and put on metal ring.

Step 5:  Tie ribbon to metal ring.

Step 6:  Tie on each student's front, right desk leg.

Other tips/suggestions:

If you wanted to use this for a review activity, you could put "A", "B", "C" on the backs of cards and use it for preparing for assessments, tests, or just another strategy to check for understanding.

What a good feeling to know where each student stands during your lesson!

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