DIY Classroom Picture Frame

Looking for a fun student photo to add to portfolios? By modifying the words on this frame, you can create a photo opportunity for any time throughout the year!

Items to Gather:

  • cardboard
  • tape (masking tape or duct tape works best)
  • bulletin board border
  • stencil letters
  • sticks 


1.  Cut cardboard into strips and place in the shape of a frame. Tape the cardboard together. Ensure that your frame is small enough for students to hold.

2.  Cover the cardboard with bulletin board border. To make this one, I rolled masking tape on the back of the border and fastened it to the cardboard.

3.  Fasten your lettering to the frame. If you are not doing this on the first day of school, you could use phrases such as "Grade 3 is Great" or "I love Grade One!"

4.  Fasten some sort of material to the back of the frame to make it sturdier when students hold it. For this one, I used some sticks from outside and taped them on! (Not the prettiest solution, but it worked great!) If you use a sturdier type of cardboard for the frame, this step may be unnecessary.

5.  Have students hold the frame for a cute and memorable photo opportunity!

Hope you enjoy!

Teaching in the Early Years
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