DIY Decorative Clips

There is plenty to do during back-to-school time, so here is a super-speedy DIY for you. You can turn boring but functional office supplies into fancy, (and still functional) office supplies with this quick decorative bulldog clip project.

Items to Gather:

    • Decorative tape
    • Sharp scissors
    • Bulldog clips of any size. (This project also works for clothes pins.)
    • Optional: Circle dot stickers or blank labels and rubber stamps


    Step 1: Peel off some tape.

    Step 2: Attach to your bulldog clip starting at the bottom and working up and around to the other side.

    Step 3: Trim the excess tape off of the edges, then smooth any stray pieces down. 

    Step 4: Add a label if you want to. In the example, I stamped an initial for each day of the week on plain dot stickers. You could also use your label maker or just write it.

    Step 4: Clip your stuff. :) (You could hang student work with these, use upside down as a sign or picture holder for your desk, or just organize your piles of paperwork.)

    Other Tips/Suggestions:

    I've also done this with Mod Podge and paper or fabric. Those work well too, and are almost as fast as the tape method. 
    Either way, it's a fun and simple way to squeeze a little DIY project into your busy back-to-school days.


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