DIY Golden Spork Award

Class behavior in the lunchroom is always a challenge.  Reward the best class of the day with "The Golden Spork"  (a traveling trophy).  I take two classes to lunch each day and they love competing for the big trophy! 


Items to Gather:

  • Small Plunger (wood handle)
  • Small Plastic Trophy
  • Gold Curling Ribbon
  • Small Plastic Bucket
  • Plastic Spork
  • Gold Spray Paint
  • Glue Gun


Step 1:  Place the plunger inside the small bucket.  Secure with glue gun.

Step 2:  Attach small plastic trophy to the top of the plunger handle with glue gun.

Step 3:  Fill plastic trophy with glue and insert spork.

Step 4:  Once glue dries, spray the entire trophy with gold paint.

Step 5:  Attach gold curling ribbon around the top.

Who will take back "The Golden Spork" today?

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