DIY Matchbox Notepad

Always looking for paper to jot that note down, or a quick cute gift idea? These matchbox notepads will do the trick!



Items to Gather: 

    • copy paper
    • scissors
    • paint strip samples
    • stapler (not pictured)


    1. Fold the bottom part of your paint sample strip up, you can choose how large or small to make the fold depending on how big you want to make your notepad.

    2.Fold the top down to meet you first fold, therefore creating the matchbox fold.

    3. Trim your copy paper to the length of your paint sample strip minus the fold.

    4. Cut the paper in half.

    5. Place the paper inside the paint sample strip and staple the top (not shown).
    6. Decorate the outside with stickers, drawings, etc.

    Other Tips/Suggestions:

    1. Use sticky notes instead of copy paper.
    2. Use the larger paint samples.

    Best of Luck!


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