DIY Reading Group Questions

Need something extra for those high readers to do? Ever run out of questions to ask after reading a book? This Quiz Me Can is a great way to have students reflect on a story they've heard or read.

Items to Gather:

  • empty Crystal Light container
  • thick popsicle sticks
  • Avery 8160 address labels (or others that use the same template)
  • Quiz Me Can file (Free!)


Step 1: Pull the label off an empty Crystal Light container and cut the cover to fit. You can download it here. (In the picture I printed mine on white paper, but you could dress it up a bit by printing on solid colored paper.)

Step 2: Print the labels on Avery 8160 address labels or others that use the same template.  

Step 3: Put the labels on the sticks. (I cut mine to fit, but you wouldn't have to. They could also just wrap around the back.)

Step 4: Put on the lid and you're ready to use them in class!

Other Tips/Suggestions:

You can use this with a whole class, with an individual reading group, or as a center for students to quiz each other over a book.


I hope this will help you in planning for your reading groups or reading workshop!

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