DIY Recycled Crayons

If your classroom is like mine, at the end of the day there are tons of random crayons on the ground.  I have found the perfect thing to do with them - Recycled Crayons!

Items to Gather:

1.  First you have to peel all the paper off the crayons and sort them into ziplock baggies by color.  I always like to do this while watching reality TV, like The Bachelorette or Top Chef.
2.  I usually make my crayons with two colors, one color on top and the other on the bottom of each mold.  Before I begin, I decide which colors I want to use together.  I try to go for colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel, but still complement each other.  You can also do colors of your school or of a local sports team.  Get creative!

3.  Add water to the sauce pan and wait for it to boil.  Once it's boiling, add the top of the double boiler or the metal mixing bowl and pour the baggie of crayons from one color into it.  
4.  Use your skewer or chopstick to stir the crayons as they melt.  Crayons melt pretty fast, depending on how many you added to the top bowl, so this shouldn't take too long.  Don't walk away and wait for them to melt.  I always stay right there while doing this project.  Melted crayons all over your kitchen is not a good thing! :)
5.  Using your oven mitt, pour each mold half full of the first color.  

6.  Quickly wipe the bowl clean with a dry paper towel.  If the crayon has dried, put the bowl back on the boiling water and heat it up again.  Do this until you have wiped the bowl completely clean.
7.  Put the mold in the freezer to harden completely while you melt the second color.  

8.  Melt the second color and follow the same directions.  Make sure to fill each mold completely full.  You don't want it to over flow, but if it does a bit, you can always break it off when it dries.  

9.  Wait for the crayons to be completely dry before you pop them out of the molds.  Just flop the mold over onto a plate and press the bottom of each mold until it pops out.  
10.  Package your crayons up in a clear bag and hand them out!  Your students will be so impressed you made them!

Other Tips/Suggestions:

Try to layer more than two colors and do a rainbow effect!  I've also seen on Pinterest that you can put crayon shavings into the silicon molds and bake them.  I haven't tried this method, though, so I'm not sure if it actually is easier or not.  Once you have all the supplies for my way of doing this project, it goes really fast.


photo of Teaching With Style blog
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