DIY Stress Balls

Now that most of us have started school I thought I would share how to make stress balls.  These are inexpensive to make and very helpful for those anxious students in your classroom.  Several of my students use them while they work or while I am teaching instead of fiddling with other things in their desk.  They are also great for teacher stress too! :)

Items to Gather:

You will need one of each item for every ball you want to make.
  • a balloon
  • play-doh
  • permanent markers
  • pom pom or something for "hair"
  • glue gun


Step 1: roll out play-doh 

Step 2:  This step is much easier if you have someone to help you out.  One person needs to stretch out opening of balloon and the other needs to stuff the balloon with  the play-doh.   I did it without an assistant and just broke up the play-doh as I stuffed the balloon.

Step 3: After all the play-doh is inside the balloon, squish the air out.

Step 4: Tie off the balloon

Step 5: Using a permanent marker draw a face on the stress ball.   

Step 6: Glue pompom on top of "head" for hair. 

Other Tips/Suggestions:

You can leave the stress ball without "hair" or use anything else in place of the pom poms. Sometimes I like to use the fake fur I find at the craft store or even yarn.   Instead of a face you can write inspirational words or even steps to calm down.

You can even use these stress balls to play "hot potato".  These stress ball can also be used as a talking tool in classroom meetings... the person who is holding the ball is the only one who can talk.  Toss the ball to the next person so they can talk/answer a question.

*Make sure the balloons are latex free if you have students with latex allergies.
Have a 'hoppy' day!
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