DIY Write-on Hoops

 Adding a little fun and practicality to your small group instruction...a little DIY that will take you less than 15 minutes

A Modern Teacher: DIY Write-on Hoops

Items to Gather:

  • embroidery hoops (I got mine for about $1.50-I like various sizes)

  • chalk or chalk markers (the markers easily wipe off the cloth or vinyl)


1.  Either cover the hoop in washi tape or paint them the color of your choice.  

A Modern Teacher: DIY Write-on Hoops

2.  Cut the chalkboard cloth about 2 inches wider than the hoop of your desired size

3.  Place the cloth inside the hoop and secure.

That's it.  You're done. 

A Modern Teacher: DIY Write-on Hoops

Other Tips/Suggestions:

You could use these hoops to add variety to your small groups --either math or reading.  You could also use these as an incentive or reward for students' use or even during inside recess.  OR you could write your name on these, write quotes, highlight many uses.

** You could even use these at home for your menu planning, to-do list, decor..possibilities are endless.

This is probably the quickest and cheapest project I've ever done!  And I'm all about that!  If it isn't easy...I'm just not doing it.  
Have fun :)

A Modern Teacher: DIY Write-on Hoops

Happy Creating! Please head to A Modern Teacher for more DIY Projects!

A Modern Teacher

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